We are pleased to announce that our fifth album will be produced by Chris Cutler RéR Recommended Records London.

On April 27, 2013, a world-renown Polish jazzman and a film score composer Krzysztof Trzciński-Komeda would have been 82. This commemoration has served as an excuse to christen the studio of Radio Merkury Poznań, Poland, where years ago the Krzysztof Komeda Sextet had their first rehersals and recordings. It is worth mentioning that it was indeed Komeda who was hugely influential in shaping the international jazz scene, and particularly the 70s avangarde jazz.

When we were given a chance to play a concert at this same venue, we knew we had to take up the challenge. However, we had large shoes to fill. Accompanied by an audience of twenty or so plus the technical crew, we played uninterupted the whole concert, which was also streamed live.

By changing the arrangements from the previous Light Coorporation albums Rare Dialect (Recommended Records London 2011) and About (2013), we wanted to infuse the music with a relaxed and improvised atmosphere and charm the listeners with a touch of experimental sounds, just like those on Aliens From Planet Earth (2012).

You are here presented with 64 minutes and 38 seconds of purely us—the way we play and sound, no mastering or corrections, tuning or adding solos post­factum. This is the fifth album of Light Coorporation.

Komeda’s melody from Roman Polański’s 1962 cult film Knife In The Water can be heard in one of the improvisations.

We would wish for the concert and our music to pay homage to the great composer.